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Maritime Marshal Job Description –

  • Provide Close Protect to commercial shipping vessels.
  • To Deter, Repel and Eliminate Threats to the commercial shipping vessel.
  • To Advised the commercial shipping vessel on security based on the BMP4 guidelines.
  • You are able to work well with all sorts of Nationalities.
  • You are equipped with basic computer knowledge.
  • You are alert and quick to engage and resolve crisis.
  • You can be deployed for period between 35 days (short) to 120 days (long).
  • You are able to handle Weapons and Optical Equipment (NVD etc.)
  • You must be fit (PES A or B).
  • You must not suffer from Motion Sickness.


  • Only Singaporean may apply.
  • Previous experience as a Regular in the Armed Forces or Police Force from the Combat unit.
  • Proof of service.
  • Medically fit with no chronic illness or disability (subject to further medical examinations).
  • Certified STCW 95 & existing valid Seaman Book.
  • Valid yellow fever certificate.
  • Valid passport.

Please send in your CV to

Thank you for your interest.