Code of Conduct

The objective of the Code of Conduct is to provide a guide to it Maritime Marshals to enable them to know the standar and behavior expected of them. Maritime Marshals are expected to be efficient and well skilled to execute their mission of protecting lives and properties and they must be a example of good world citizenship and an embodiment of the values and principles of a free, democratic and civic world.

Responsble for the protection of our clients, client’s crew member and properties against piracy. Marshals must be disciplines not only in military skills but also in the mores of the world community.

Rule 1 – At all times, we must remember that we are protectors of our client’s crew members, ships and cargo

Rule 2 – We take pride being Maritime Marshals of UMS and in our Uniform, our Discipline, our Work, our Training and Ourselves.

Rule 3 – We must be exemplary in our conduct. We respect others and by our conduct and bearing win respect of others.

Rule 4 – We are courageous but not reckless. We are devoted to our duty.

Rule 5 – We will always apply the principle of the use of minial force and to respect human dignity and the lives of all individuals.