Benelli A.R.G.O R1

Picture 5 ARGO copy

Auto Regulating Gas Operated (A.R.G.O) system has been proven in the military shotgun and has been adapted for center fire rifle catridges with a three-lugged rotarty bolt. The rifle’s gas cylinder is positioned just in front of the chamber allowing for short operating rods and reduced recoiling mass. One of the most accurate weapon in the market. It weighs 3.2kg, 112 cm by 55.8cm. It’s effective range is 800 meters.


Night Vision 14

Picture 6 NVD copy
The battle-tested NVS 14 night vision meets any military or law enforcement observational need under the darkest conditions. The NVS 14 is one of the smallest and lightest products of its kind, while being made of durable materials to meet military specifications. The NVS 14 can be handheld, mounted on a weapon, head or helmet.


Weapon Laser

Picture 7 WeaponLaser copy
The visible green laser gives confidence to the marshal when he fires the weapon in the dark. It is proven that this laser when beamed can used as a warning to approaching suspected vessels. The accuracy of the weapons improves tremendously with the aid of this laser. During nightfall, the spotter can also make use of the laser as a target indicator to all other firers.


Black-Ops Laser Beam

Picture 8 BlackOpsLEDBeam copy

This LED Beam has Built-in 3 mode illumination patterns. High light and low light mode on 1,500 and 2000 lumens respectively. It causes a blinding effect with its flashing mode, it is highly visible up to a 3 mile distant. The material, aluminium alloy surfacesand black oxidation process and a premium type III hard amodized can be used as a Baton. It is waterproof and lightweight at 520g.


Laser Boresite

Picture 9 BORESITE copy

UMS-Boresite is ideal for the professional shooter. The UM-Boresite uses an ultra bright green laser, which is 50 to 100 times brighter than red lasers and is much easier to see in daylight. Te SL-500 uses the latest laser technology to provide superior boresighting accuracy. Super strong magnets in the arbor securely center the laser within the muzzle for consistent accuracy. A unique systemof adapters and O-rings fit 0.22 to 50 caliber handguns and rifles, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns and muzzle loaders.


HD Recorder

Picture 10 HDRecorder copy

The HD Recorder is to make record of the incident that has taken place. This recording device is full HD quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels – 30 fps. Specs of the recorders are 5 megapixel sensors, internal microphone and a removable SD card. It is made of aluminium and fiberglass and is water resistant.


Walkie Talkie

Picture 11 WalkieTalkie copy

Long range communication is mantained with 36 mile range. It boosts X-TRA Talk Power that is the maximum allowed by law. Clear and crisp communication with easy button access. It is JIS4 Waterproof.



Picture 12 Binoculars copy

Long range sighting Binoculars and waterproof and fog-free with nitrogen gas. The high eye-point design provides a clear field of view. Multi-layered coated lenses and large objective diameter for optimal image clarity. A spherical eyepiece lense eliminates image distortation.