Management Team

Brigadier General (Ret) Andrew Tan | Founder/Managing Director

Served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 29 years and retired in 1999 as a Brigadier General.
Held the following senior appointments:

  • Chief of Artillery
  • Head, Doctrine and Exercise Development Group (Renamed to the latter-day Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC))
  • Assistant Chief of General Staff (Operations)
  • Assistant Chief of General Staff (Training)
  • Commander 6 Division

Founder – Aetos Security Management Pte Ltd – One of the two Auxiliary Police Forces in Singapore.

Colonel (Ret) Vernon Wee | Chief Operations Officer

Served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 29 years and retired in 2006 as a Colonel.
Held the following senior appointments

  • Head Operations, Headquarters Singapore Artillery
  • Head Personnel, 3 Division
  • Chief Of Staff, 2nd People Defence Force
  • Director Centre for Management Development

Col (Ret) Wee has vast experience in planning, coordinating and executing security operations for Singapore.

As the Chief of Staff of the 2nd People Defence Force, he participated in the security planning for the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Conference held in Singapore and has also been involved in formulating homeland security plans and operations with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Contingency Planning for Security Operations Directorate.

Following his retirement from the Singapore Armed Forces, Col (Ret) Wee was involved in providing security training and consultancy.

Due to his expertise, Col (Ret) Wee has an impressive clients portfolio which include organizations such as the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Prison, the Immigrations and Checkpoint Authority, etc.

Col (Ret) Wee also held the appointment of Director, Centre for Management Development and has an exceptional track record for developing innovative, out-of-the-box strategies to achieve accelerated growth and maximize profitability.

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret) Harpal Singh | Training & Logistics Manager

Served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 29 and a half years and took an early retirement in 2001 as a Lieutenant-Colonel. Thereafter, he worked in Singapore Technologies Engineering in 2012.

In the military and civilian careers, he held the following senior appointments:

  • Head Gunnery, School of Artillery
  • Planning Officer (Homeland Security), Army Operations Department
  • Head Intelligence, Singapore Artillery
  • Doctrine Officer, Training & Doctrine Command
  • Manager, Corporate Planning, Ordnance Development & Enginnering Co Pte Ltd
  • Director Marketing (South Asia), Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (India Office)
  • Assistant Vice President, International Marketing, Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.

The wide portfolio of appointments held has given Lt Col (Ret) Harpal Singh vast knowledge and experience not only in training, intelligence and security operations in the military and civilian sectors, but also in corporate planning and management.

Industry Consultant

Major (Ret) Gajendra Bohra | UMS Representative, Nepal

Major (Ret) Gajendra Bohra is a security specialist given his vast experience as the aide-de camp (ADC) and personal bodyguard to the Crown Prince of Nepal from 1992 to 2001.

He was also the Nepal’s Chief Security Co-ordinator for numerous dignitaries that visited Nepal, namely the Prince of Wales, Prince Phillip, the Crown Prince of Belgium, the late Princess Diana, the then First Ladt Hilary R Clinton, the then President of the Federal Republic of Germany , Dr Roman Herzog,  the then President of the Peoples Republic of China, Jiang Zemin, His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander, the Prince of Orange (Netherlands), His Imperial Highness Prince Akisheno & Princess Kiko of Japan, the then President of the Republic of India and Mr. K. R. Narayanan and many other dignitaries and royalities.

In 2011, Maj (Ret) Gajendra Bohra founded Black Hawk Security Services Private Limited, a company that recruits and trainsex-Gurkhas for deployment in various security details. Black Hawk’s ex-Gurkhas has served in security mission in Irag, Afganistan and some of the most troubled spots in the world.

Given his enormous experience and expertise in recruiting and training high quality ex-Gurkhas for security operations, Maj (Ret) Gajendra Bohra was appointed by UMS in early 2011 as its consultant for the recruitment and training of ex-Gurkhas for deployment as Maritime Marshals on-boards it’s clients’ vessels transiting in High Risk Area at the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, a role that he continues to perform to this date.