Operational Capabilities

Mission success is imperative. As such, in every mission, UMS endeavors to organize man, machine and management to ensure operational fidelity and mission efficacy.

  1. Full expertise to establish viable tactical plans to achieve the security and protection of your crew, ships and cargo. The UMS Maritime Marshals are equipped, trained and centrally coordinated for effective deployment.
  2. Specially selected and security vetted leaders who have been trained in special operations. Employing their capabilities, they will exercise due diligence and respect to human dignity to graduate UMS responses in accordance with the Rules of Self-Defence to control hostile situations.
  3. Trained and audited regularly to meet UMS operational capability, performing as an individual and working as part of a cohesive protection team. The UMS team’s standard operations procedures (SOP) will be seamlessly integrated with the ship’s SOP to avoid disruption to the Ship’s routine functions.
  4. Employing state of the art weapon systems, personal protection and long range surveillance systems for both day and night operations, the UMS Maritime Marshal provides the necessary safety and security to the ship throughout its transit in high risk areas.
  5. Fully compliant with the stipulations of all Regulatory Authorities, UMS provides protection while alleviating the complexities of the carriage of firearms onboard ships.